Published on Aug 09, 2022

Nyth is a data serialization language, designed to be easily understood by both humans and machines.

`Martian moons`: =
	- +
		name: Phobos
		`systematic designation`: `Mars I`
		diameter: 22.2 # in kilometers
		mass: 1.08e16 # in kilograms
		trivia: |
			This satellite is named after the Greek deity Phobos,
			an Ares' son and a Deimos' brother.
	- +
		name: Deimos
		`systematic designation`: `Mars II`
		diameter: 12.6
		mass: 1.5e15
		craters: =
			- Swift
			- Voltaire

Specification: https://git.sr.ht/~vyivel/nyth