(Ir)regular (self-)expression #3

Published on Feb 14, 2023


It’s been a hot minute since the last one, eh?


Nothing especially interesting has happened in the past few months, as always 🤷

A week or so ago, I played (some variant of) Cyberpunk RED with friends.

Note: the name of this and the following section are unrelated to this fact, I just like those words

Nothing too big or serious, just a quick one-shot adventure, as objectively speaking, none of us would be able to consistently invest time in a prolonged campaign. It was pretty fun (we failed to reach the end though (and one of our characters died (and apparently we skipped an important NPC, unintentionally screwing up whatever the GM has come up (but that’s not our problem (lol)))))

[…] I’ve recently picked up Japanese (because of course it’s Japanese) again. Hopefully this time I’ll stick to it for a bit longer than my previous attempts to learn this language.

Remember how I said that? Because I sure don’t haha what are you talking about it never happened-

…to no one’s surprise, I didn’t stick to it. I suppose that’s because I don’t really have any compelling reason to do so, after all. Or maybe it’s because learning such a complex (in some, but not all, ways) language is too low on my personal value-to-effort scale? If so, I could try to go with something allegedly simpler, like Indonesian. Will it work out? Find out in the next episode of “Kira tries to do something other than playing around with computers”!

Speaking of computers,


New website design

By the time you’re reading this, the website overhaul isn’t news anymore. (That’s what I get for not writing updates in a timely manner, oh well.) But those who have been reading this blog exclusively with their favorite RSS reader might have not noticed it to this day. In any case, I hope you like it more than the previous version, because I sure do!

And after that, check out links on the “Badges” page too~

New server

There’s one more change to this site, actually: it’s not hosted on pages.sr.ht anymore. Instead, it’s running on a VPS, alongside an IRC bouncer and an email server. In the future, I plan to expand it and maybe add a private file hosting as well.


I’ve made a Retrospring account recently: @vyivel

Come check it if you have something to ask!

One more thing

I’ve been trying to work on a UI protocol lately which is a project that was in the back of my mind for months. Think Wayland, but instead of working with surfaces and pointer events you have layouts and buttons; clients send UI graph updates and receive information about button clicks, text input field changes etc.

Nothing to actually show for now, but stay tuned!

Thanks for reading. Until next time~